“When it comes to tragedy, “nothing stays the same and nothing ever changes” for  the cast of Aneemah’s Spot, a new production that deals with the aftermath of a violent death.
In the one-act play from MotionLive and the Cric Crac Collective –  which had its premiere at the the SummerWorks Theatre Festival in August  – the tragedy has taken place offstage, and all that is left is to cope with the outcome. It’s a unique way of tackling a theme all too familiar to Torontonians these days in the wake of a summer filled with gun violence and victimization.”

– by Rahul Gupta


“It has been a few years since 411 last collaborated with poet/emcee Motion – she last worked with 411 in 2009 to help incarcerated teens craft lyrics to express themselves. We know she has been keeping busy since then and were thrilled to hear that a play she wrote Aneemah’s Spot is running this month as part of the Summerworks Festival.”




“A play about gun violence in Toronto is now more than timely. ButAneemah’s Spot, produced by MotionLive and Cric Crac Collective for this year’s SummerWorks festival, elevates the discussion of this hot button issue beyond mere polemics. Through the eyes of two vivid characters, it looks at the complicated ways that art and love stay afloat in the wake of tragedy.”




“It’s a theatrical mix of dialogue, rhyme and spoken word that draws on the heart’s strings revealing issues about violence, death, and loyalty.”

-by Kiah Welsh



“The writing (by MOTION) is exceptional.  Haunting performances by Amanda Parris (as Aneemah) and Araya Mengesha (as Wan) prove their talent as young actors, but also point to the skill and vision of director Dian Marie Bridge.”

-by Noelle Carbone



“I love the fact that as a writer,we don’t think about the things that end up being translated from our work. Sometimes we just start with a word.”

-Journey to Summerworks



“The production engaged me from the first subtle moments. It was, as the audience member described it, intense, but it was also funny, touching, and profound. It was the perfect balance of sound and silence.”

-by Kyle Capstick 



I have butterflies in my stomach right now.  Why? Because in just a few hours Aneemah’s Spot will be opening at the Summerworks Festival.  I will be playing Aneemah.  The only other person on stage with me will be Araya Mengesha playing Wan.  We will be telling a story written by Motion but one that belongs to the entire city of Toronto. “

-Reflections on Becoming Aneemah by Amanda Parris



“The story is strong and very true to life in the big city.”

Summerworks in Review

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